Requirements for a smooth experience

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Requirements for a smooth experience

Postby holmes » Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:35 pm


My current computer(core i5 3230M+ 8Go + radeon HD8600M) is not able to run Supermodel correctly.
I am thinking about buying a dedicated computer to play with my sidewinder wheel FFB. To keep this cheap, I plan to buy a used computer.
My question is what should be the specs for a smooth experience with Daytona USA 2/Scud Race? Which is more important CPU or GPU?

For CPU, is the total Passmark or Single Thread mark more important?
When I have a look at more recent systems, there has not been so much improvement on Single Threads (1578 against 2000 for recent systems) so I wonder if I will notice any difference? However my GPU is really outdated.
Could you give some advice for a satisfactory combinations (CPU+GPU) in terms of models of Passmark grades?

I would lik to play with friends as well. I understand network play is not really functional and very CPU-intensive. Imagining this work in a not too far future, will it be necessary to have 2 computers? Should the computers be both more powerful than for a single use?


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Re: Requirements for a smooth experience

Postby scd » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:29 pm

hi. have you try to play with the ppc? try to change the ppc to 27 in scud race. turn the music off, choose multi threading and finally choose time lap mode. a note: english isnt my native so i dont understand some words here and there in general.
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Re: Requirements for a smooth experience

Postby doteater » Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:23 am

that's not a smooth experience tho , that's like the saturn conversion of scud race

op :
like i said in another thread , i've recently built a relatively cheap setup
i7-870 , 750ti and 8 of ram . win 7
i'm getting well above 60fps most of the time because i can record with fraps,afterburner or shadowplay and maintain those 60fps
the cpu is far from being fully utilized so a better video card like a 950 or 960 would fit in there nicely
i am currently using supermodel 741 for what it's worth

i said most of the time because there are specific stages or moments when i get massive drops down to the 20s-30s
don't know if it's my hardware or the emulation so would like to hear from the other users ?

jeffry's stage in vf3tb , moonlit version , massive drop for about 10 seconds then it goes back to 60 even during the first round
it never drops again if you continue playing and end up on jeffry's stage again but that behaviour reoccurs if you exit the emu and reload the game
emergency call ambulance , for a few seconds halfway through the first stage (i can post a screenshot of the specific point) and for about 15-20 seconds during the latter part of stage 3
and lastly the first 10 or so seconds of the snowy stage in rally 2

so far,i haven't noticed anything similar in daytona 2,scud,harley or lemans
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Re: Requirements for a smooth experience

Postby holmes » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:52 pm

Finally I bought a core i5 4590 + GeForce GTX 760. I was very disapointed at first since I still strong slow-downs especially at the very beginning of the medium Race in Daytona 2. Then I realized these slowdowns were related to ForceFeedback for both my computers. If I switch off the ForceFeedback I have no problem at all. Could this be specific to my Wheel (SideWinder Force Feedback)? I will ask this question in a specific thread.
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Re: Requirements for a smooth experience

Postby holmes » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:15 pm

My new computer is perfect for supermodel3. No slow down issue now that I have changed my Wheel.
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